Selling Your Horse


NZ Sporthorse Disclosure Statement

The purpose of this document is to assist the seller of a horse to disclose all known, relevant information and the purchaser
to be as informed as is reasonably practicable when making a purchase decision. This form does not purport to replace the
enquiries that a prudent purchaser may otherwise make and therefore NZ SPORTHORSE (NZSH) assumes no responsibility for the
completeness or otherwise of this document. If you believe that this document has been used incorrectly, please contact NZSH.

Sporthorse Export Survey

New Zealand is a small country and we like to think we punch above our weight in terms of performance in international sport. Over many decades New Zealand Polo, Eventer and Show jumper riders and horses have travelled to the northern hemisphere and performed successfully in international competition. The trailblazing by these pioneer Kiwi Sporthorse riders and horses has placed the New Zealand Sporthorse and particularly the New Zealand Thoroughbred, in the international spotlight.