Development of Puhinui Equestrian Park


Auckland's Rural Opportunity for the "Worlds Most Liveable City"

“The development of Puhinui as a "World Class Equestrian Centre" will significantly improve the quality of the horses that we train, sell and in particular export. I believe that such a facility will enable a higher standard of competition, encouraging International riders to compete here and invest in the New Zealand Equine Industry.” (Mark Todd)

Why Support Puhinui?

  • Led by Industry and Sport
  • Sport committed and also committed financially
  • Southern Initiative Area – Auckland Plan
  • Council Owned Reserve (currently grazed) – Public/Private partnership – share costs
  • Opportunity to develop a major rural events centre that has tremendous cultural, heritage and recreational amenity that serves the equestrian industry needs and is also multi-purpose.
  • Equestrian industry – sport needs a facility of regional, national and international significance – sizeable industry in Auckland – a hub in the South.
  • Tremendous social, community and economic benefits – sport, business, education, tourism and recreation hub.
  • Three scaled up events at Puhinui will generate a $109m in revenue to the Auckland economy annually and this will increase,  882 jobs, contribute $49m to GRP.

The Auckland Plan - Southern Initiative

The Puhinui Project is located in the Auckland Plan’s Southern Initiative area.  The priorities that Council will focus on in the Southern Initiative include:

  • Create an outstanding international gateway and destination area
  • Economic Development and Jobs for Local People
  • Clear Pathway and Support for Further Education, Training or Employment for every Young Person leaving School
  • Raised Educational Achievement
  • Outstanding Natural and Built Environment

Local area linkages/walkways

The Puhinui Reserve forms part of the Auckland Volcanic field and is located amongst some of Auckland’s most outstanding natural features, (Matukutureia (McLoughlin’s Mt), the Serfs Crater and the Pukaki Crater.


The Puhinui project presents Auckland with a wide range of economic, community and recreational opportunities. 

Equestrian events - local, regional, national and international

Home for equestrian sports and South Auckland clubs

Community use of the park

Field of Dreams - South Auckland youth experience horses and a pathway for those who show talent or those who are looking for employment (trainers/riding school specialising in youth initiatives identified and discussions underway).

Education & Employment
Satellite campus for animal sciences


Iwi  - Cultural tourism

Tourism - Culture Heritage Interpretative Centre


Stage One

Stage One of the Puhinui Project.  This stage is estimated to cost around $19,479m and the project will seek funding from the private sector, charitable trusts and foundations, industry and the public sector.

  • 300m x 100m all weather outdoor arena
  • 280 covered yards
  • 20 4 x 4m stables
  • Drug testing area
  • Lunge area
  • 256 15m x 7m truck parking spaces with 10m aisles
  • 30 x 30m storage shed
  • 20m x 60m event hub (recreation facility, ablution, kitchen, showers & toilets)
  • Soundness tracks
  • Cross Country course (existing/mix with new with ground treatment and take off and landing areas treated)
  • 150m x 80m outdoor grassed arena (existing)

Stage Two

Timelines for Stage Two will only be set once Stage One is underway.

  • 80 x 50m indoor arena (arena area only)
  • 80 x 50m all weather arena – warm up adjacent to indoor arena
  • 500 car parks
  • 150m x 80m existing grass arena upgraded to couch grass
  • Cross country course – continued refurbishment and upgrades
  • Satellite campus

Stage Three

  • 100m x 100m couch grass warm up arena
  • 500 truck parks
  • 460 4m x 4m uncovered yards
  • 25m x 25m ablution toilets, shower, kitchen


Stage One, Two and Three Completed

The goal of the Puhinui project – all three stages fully completed.