Equine Industry in NZ

(Information obtained from the report: ‘Size and Scope of the New Zealand Racing Industry, 2010’ and NZ Sporthorse ex Astrid Lambert Primary Focus, June 2012]

The equine industry in New Zealand is a significant contributor to New Zealand’s economy yet it has gone unnoticed amongst government.

The Thoroughbred and Harness Industry alone generate more than $1,558.41 million in value added contribution to NZ’s GDP, that is more than the wine industry and the seafood industry is only slightly higher.   More than 47,000 people participate in the thoroughbred and harness racing industry (that is jobs, breeders, jockeys, trainers, etc.).   One in every 83 New Zealand residents in employed (paid or unpaid) by the New Zealand Racing Industry.

This figure does not include the sporthorse industry (jumping, dressage, eventing, etc) as the size of the sporthorse industry has not been measured formally like the Racing Industry has.

It is believed that the sporthorse industry in the Auckland region generates more than $372m in direct expenditure into the Auckland economy - this is significantly higher than the Thoroughbred and Harness Industry in the Auckland region (both of which have NZ’s 2nd largest concentration of horses located in the Auckland region).  We believe, based on the Auckland figures that the Sporthorse Industry New Zealand wide would be significantly higher than the racing industry.