About Us

The establishment of NZ Sporthorse has arisen from cluster work undertaken in the Counties region and it has now developed from an informal cluster group into an incorporated society.

The purpose of NZ Sporthorse is to: Facilitate, promote, foster and develop a sustainable sporthorse industry in Auckland and New Zealand.

The Executive Committee of the Society consists of:

  • Neil Houston Chairman
  • Astrid Lambert
  • Julie Evans
  • Alex Matheson
  • Caroline Conroy

NZ Sporthorse has been formed to promote the following objects for the benefit of Members:

To facilitate, promote, foster and develop a dynamic and sustainable Sporthorse community for the benefit of all New Zealanders by:

  • Encouraging and facilitating the improvement of the quality of Sporthorses.
  • Undertaking promotional activities in New Zealand and in target markets overseas to raise the profile and identity of New Zealand Sporthorses.
  • Promoting and encouraging the breeding of Sporthorses to meet the requirements of international markets.
  • Facilitating and assisting in improving quality in all equine disciplines and equine related businesses through the establishment of quality standards and the support of education.
  • Facilitating the development of appropriate facilities and infrastructure for the Sporthorse community.
  • To be a representative body of the Members, to maintain and operate the Society's facilities and infrastructure for the benefit of Members and to regulate the use of the Society's facilities and infrastructure by Members in a transparent and equitable manner;
  • The proper maintenance, repair, renovation and replacement of the Society's facilities and infrastructure.
  • The levying of Members for the purpose of providing funds for, and meeting the costs and expenses of, the Society;
  • The undertaking of any other activity or work ancillary or incidental to the above objects as the Executive Committee may from time to time resolve.